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The Book of Forbidden Feelings The Book of Invisible Questions

The Book of Imaginary Beliefs

Kategori : Fiksi
152 Indonesia
ISBN : 9786020623122
Bahasa Indonesia
Halaman 152 halaman
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DESKRIPSI The Book of Imaginary Beliefs

Earth is blue, fragilc, light, and not a star. And we're part of it, not just living on it. Earth is a battle ground whcrc all spccies constantly face an invisible war. And we're the main actor of growth, dcstruction, and peace. Someonc's precious is somconc clsc's garbagc. Somconc's intcrcst is somconc clse's borcdom.

Somcone's principlc is somconc clsc's violation. Somconc's contcntmcnt is somconc clsc's prcssurc. Somconc's rccipc for immunity is somconc clsc's causc of dcath. Eithcr you'rc thc "somconc" or thc "somconc clse", it docsn't mattcr bccausc confusion will always bounce back to you, no matter how far you've been running away from it. It's about facing an cmpty page each day, it's about waking up in the morning dcciding to be alive, it's about choosing which mistakcs to avoid, it's about considcring what and who to ignore, it's about crafting a sclf that's truly your own, it's about faking a smilc to curc thc pain of othcrs, it's about continuously moving forward bccausc going back is ncvcr a choicc, it's about looking at thc bluc sky and having small talks with it, it's about everything that fcels small and unworthy, it's about bccoming buoyant, never bcing trapped bctwccn other people's cacophonic agendas, it's about counting your breath.


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