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Kill The Radio Kirana & Happy Little World

Kina and Her Fluffy Bunny

Kategori : Fiksi
40 Indonesia
ISBN : 9786024303396
Bahasa Indonesia
Halaman 40 halaman
Stock: 2
Penerbit: Bentang
Penulis: Maudy Ayunda
Berat : 0.30 Kilo

DESKRIPSI Kina and Her Fluffy Bunny


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Buku dikirim tanggal 9 Febuari 2019


Our world needs people with the mindset of fixing, not replacing. Here Kina learns to never give up on things she loves. 

Behind the Book 
This book and the Kina's Story series is the result of a beautiful coincidence. It is a retelling of short tories I wrote when I was 10 years old, found accidentally in my old archives. With some encouragement, I decided to simplify it and share it to the world with a mission: to promote literacy, bilingual learning, and meaningful moral stories accompanied by captivating imagery as beautifully crafted by my good friend Kathrin.

I hope that all of us - adults and children alike - can smile and find inspiration from these pages. 

Yours truly, 
Maudy Ayunda 

Maudy Ayunda is an Indonesian singer-songwriter, actress, and activist. She graduated from Oxford University in 2016, and commits most of her time in music, writing, and promoting social causes surrounding youth, literacy, and education.  

Kathrin Honesta is an Indonesian illustrator who focuses more on story-telling & book-related projects. Kathrin's works often tell stories of faith and people. To her, artwork is not merely about pretty aesthetics, but also the message it conveys.

- Buku anak pertama yang ditulis oleh Maudy Ayunda
- Karya kedua Maudy Ayunda setelah Dear Tomorrow
- Diilustrasikan dengan sangat apik oleh Kathrin Honesta 
- Full color, hard cover, dan bilingual (Indonesia-Inggris)
- Bisa dibaca oleh semua segmen usia, anak-anak & orang tuanya, remaja, maupun dewasa muda
- Ceritanya simpel dan ringan namun menyimpan pesan yang sangat dalam
- Cerita yang akan membawa Anda kembali ke memori masa kecil Anda

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